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Solid Coloured Sock Club 2014 - UK

Want to knit socks but prefer them to be solid coloured? Me too. That's why I'm bringing the Magpielly Solid Coloured Sock Club to your door!

(If you live outside the UK, please buy this version of the club).

The Club
The club has 3 installments, and will run February-May. You will receive parcel of x2 50g skeins of sock yarn every 6 weeks. The patterns will be emailed to you, or added to your Ravelry library (please add your Ravelry username in the comments if you would like this).
The designers are myself, Rachel Coopey and Katya Frankel.
The theme of this year's club is Maths - but don't worry, mathematical ability is not required!

The Yarn
Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock yarn is a 4 plied sock yarn that is spun in 75% washable wool and 25% nylon. It is soft but hard-wearing, and knits to 7-8 stitches per inch (28-32 stitches to 10cm).

The Designs
The designs will cover a mix of techniques and complexity including twisted stitches, cables and textured stitches, as well as different styles of toes and heels. Two will be knit from the top-down, one from the toe up. All patterns will be sized to fit feet with a circumference of 7 (8, 9)"/18 (20.5, 23)cm.

The Colours
Colours will be a surprise, but if you really don't want a specific colour, I'll do my best to accommodate, simply add a comment when checking out. You can see the available colours below.

Sign Up!
Sign-ups close on the 17th February, the first installment of the club will be sent out towards the end of February.

Price: £65.00